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First of all thank you for visiting my webpage and welcome to my virtual home. This webpage is to give you some information about me. I call it virtual home so i will give you tour of my virtual home on this page.

Short Intro

  • I am from India and lived there for 23 years.
  • I moved to United States after getting married.
  • I now live in Memphis in Tennessee state.
  • I watch a lot movies and I am big fan of bollywood.
  • I have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics & Communication in india.
  • I have interest in the field of DSP and DIP.
  • I like networking and hardware stuff.

About Me

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  • I am Hard Working, Quick Learner and Self Motivated person.
  • I think I have good Communication Skills and I am People friendly person.
  • I have Positive Attitude towards life and work.
  • I am good Team Player and good Decision Maker
  • I like Dancing, Driving, Travelling, Cooking and Talking


Blog is currently unavailable .. doing some tuning :P

I like reading and writing about almost anything and everything. I consider myself extrovert person, so whenever i feel like expressing i write it down in my diary. I will be starting to write my blog soon enough, please visit my page back.

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3614 Spottswood Ave, Apt # 3,
Memphis, TN, 38111

Tel: +1 901-605-4988